Seer Stone at Howard Art Project

Seer Stone: A Performance

Seer Stone image © Daniel Embree, 2014

Live Art Performance at Howard Art Project
1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA
Saturday, October 25, 2014
10:30 am – 6:30 pm, reception 5:30 – 7:30 pm

In 19th Century New England, local seers looked into magic seeing-stones to have visions. One of these seers is Joseph Smith who dictated the revelations he received through the stone to a scribe. The resulting documents became the foundation of Mormonism.

Artist Daniel Embree will look into a seer stone for 8 hours in an attempt to have a vision. He will dictate what he sees to volunteer scribes, who will document the experience on paper. By appropriating this process, Embree is examining the foundation of his religious heritage. This is part of an ongoing quest to discover what it means to be inspired–a word attributed both to artists and spiritual seekers.

Call for Participants

You are invited to participate in this performance as a scribe!

The artist is looking for participants to sit with him and write his dictations in a one-on-one interactive performance. This is a unique opportunity to be an active witness in a live performance art event. No experience or special skills are necessary.

You can sign up for a 15- or 30-minute session by following the instructions below. As the schedule permits, walk-in participation is welcome, but advance registration is recommended to secure your time with the artist.

The entire 8 hour performance will be open for viewing by the public.

Sign Up


10:30 am – available
11:00 am – Kelsey Y.
11:30 am – available
12:00 pm – available
12:30 pm – available

1:00 pm – available
1:30 pm – available
2:00 pm – Sandy
2:30 pm – available
3:00 pm – available

3:30 pm – available
4:00 pm – available
4:15 pm – available
4:30 pm – available
4:45 pm – available

5:00 pm – Cyd G.
5:15 pm – available
5:30 pm – available
5:45 pm – McMillan G.
6:00 pm – reserved for walk-ins

To reserve a time slot with the artist, please look at the schedule and request an available time slot using the submission form below. You will receive a confirmation email securing your reservation within 24 hours.