Monthly Archives: April 2011

How to get out of dish duty for at least one week:

A sure-fire method in just seven easy steps! Step One: Start washing the dishes. Step Two: Break plate into shards. Step Three: Impale right hand with shards of broken plate. Step Four: Go to Emergency Room. Step Five: Wait 45 […]

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Introducing Tuxedo Fine Art Cards

Last fall I created a new body of work featuring the tuxedo as a symbol of celebration and acceptance. I was inspired by illustrations of men in tuxedos from the 1920’s that glamorize new found cultural freedoms. These new fine […]

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In the Boston Globe: Artist’s Work Explores Transformation

This past Thursday, March 31, the Boston Globe ran an article about my work and story as a gay artist with a Mormon background. I was so pleased with how it all turned out! I am very thankful to journalist […]

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